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Saving lives around the world

  • Over 200 donated meters and associated supplies arriving in Fiji, being used by the National Diabetes Centre.
  • Diabetes supplies being distributed in Cebu, Philippines.
  • A Thank You message from the Philippines.
  • Samanta at 4 with insulin donated by IFL. Samanta at 10, alive with your help.
  • Handing over ceremony of the donated supplies to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Solomon Islands in the Pacific.
  • Dr Neng-Chun Yu, President of TADE (left), Neil Donelan (IFL) & Wayne H-H Sheu, President, Chinese Taipei Diabetes Association, with donation to IFL
  • Sujata from India - before, and after 4 weeks of treatment with insulin
  • Ecuador – girl who receives donated supplies from IFL


Most people in most countries of the world who need life-saving insulin cannot obtain it.

Insulin for Life Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that collects and distributes insulin and other diabetes supplies that would otherwise be wasted. These are donated to recognised organisations in many countries, with agreed monitoring systems, on an ongoing, sustainable basis, and following emergencies. Recipient organisations include children’s diabetes camps, programs involving Australian medical students, Diabetes Associations and clinics.

In addition to the Insulin for Life (IFL) center in Australia, there are IFL affiliated centers in Austria, Canada, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA (click here for details). IFL Australia coordinates the collaborative activities of the 7 IFL affiliated centers (known as “IFL Global”), and helps start new ones.

This is an innovative, cost-effective and life-saving humanitarian assistance program... one model "right for the 21st century."

Ecuador Project


The aim of The Ecuador Project is to send donated insulin and diabetes supplies to several cities in Ecuador for use by young people who desperately need insulin to stay alive. Please consider donating now to help with the transport and handling costs, and save lives of young people like Samanta, pictured here. IFL has kept her alive since she was 4. Now aged 10, she is thriving! There are many more like her who need our and your help.

Great news that Jerry Gore, who has Type 1 diabetes, has completed his “Insulin Challenge 2013” to raise money for this IFL Ecuador Project. His team of 4 made the first ascent of the “South East Face of The South Tower of Paine” – a world class mountain climb in Chilean Patagonia. Jerry and his team battled horrendous 150mph (240kph) winds and sub-zero temperatures to raise money for this IFL Ecuador Project. A wonderful effort for IFL!

Donate to the Ecuador Project

A Message

Ron Raab

The life saving activities of IFL result from the dedication of the Board, the IFL affiliates in Austria, Canada, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the USA, and the many volunteers and supporters around the world. You are the IFL team! Thank you to all of you!

Ron Raab OAM, President, Insulin for Life


We've Helped

This is Samanta in Ecuador who we've helped for many years. Samanta is now nearly a teen. All people with Type 1 Diabetes need insulin injections every day. 


Would you like to help?

Through various fundraising efforts, we hope to offset the cost of sending supplies overseas. You can donate money, or do a fundraiser for us. We also accept donations of unwanted insulin and other diabetes supplies from various qualified sources. We ask that you contact us first to see what our current supply needs are, and to see if what you'd like to donate meets our strict criteria.

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